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 WINNERS 2006 
Contemporary   Paige Wheeler, Agent
1st:  The End of Eden by Dorothy Mays
2nd:  Glass Slippers by Rachel Taylor
3rd:  Autumn Love by Jaclyn V. Di Bona
4th:  My Everything by Courtney Murati
5th:  Designing Destiny by Sarah Andre

Paranormal   Patience Smith, Harlequin
1st:  Collide by Stefani Catenzaro*
2nd:  Slightly Out of Time by Susan Heinzig Turnbull
3rd:  Death's Door by Corrina Lavitt
4th:  The Magic Knot by Helen Taylor
5th:  The Shield by Denise Frost

Romantic Suspense  
 Allison Lyons, Harlequin Intrigue
1st:  Under Cover by Allison Fippinger
2nd:  Walk, Trot, Shoot by Bev Pettersen
3rd:  Echo by Stefani Catenzaro
4th:  Mistaken by Christy Janisse
5th:  Crisis at Christmas by Stephanie McCarty

Mainstream with Romantic Elements
     Keyren Gerlach - HQN
1st:  Duplicity by Karen Davenport
2nd:  Above the Fold by Corrina Lavitt
3rd:  Mai Tai Butterfly by JoAnn Bassett Haberer
4th:  The Lost Mountain by Rita Horiguchi
5th:  Morally Mine by Joyce Ramsey

Historical   Hilary Sares, Kensington
1st:  Heart's Ease by Michele Ann Young*
2nd:  Montana Sky at Dawn by Caroline Fyffe*
3rd:  Scandal's Daughter by Christine Diehm*
4th:  Fire at Midnight by Lisa Marie Wilkinson
5th:  Everlasting Trust by Diane McManus

Inspirational   Julie Swarzburg, Multinomah
1st:  Preacher Man by Laurie Larsen
2nd:  Three and A Half Minutes by Caroline Fyffe
3rd:  One Man’s Treasure by Laura Domino
4th:  Secret Faith by Debra Calloway
5th:  A Dinner of Herbs by Betty Woods

* means manuscript requested

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